Today I eat what Mama used to forbid me to do: cola cake with caramel popcorn

Cola cake with caramel popcorn #recipe #gourmetguerilla Mom, can I get an ice cream? - No my Darling. - Then maybe two ice creams? - Clever, son, but no. - Okay, then I'll take Lolli gum chocolate tuna. - NEI-EN. You know that so many sweets are not healthy. - True, I know. Oh, look, blue rubber stockings with crackling powder hats, can I? "My son is very stubborn when it comes to things that matter to him. And sweets are a particularly developed area of ​​interest. Secretly, I admire him for his pronounced stamina. If he shows the later times even in salary negotiations or in discussions with bad-tempered railway employees about allegedly wrongly solved tickets, nothing more can happen to him. However, I have already written off the hope that he will use this fantastic gift in the short term for topics that are more dear to his wife, Mama. Get Playmobil knights out of my boots, before I put them on or fly around the tulips by helicopter instead of always in the middle of it - but nothing happens.

But it happens to me a whole lot when Captain Chaos rides one of his extensive begging attacks. I get in a bad mood when I'm standing at a cash register, in front of an ice cream parlor, bakery or just in the middle of the green field and always just say "no" like a depressive robot. Then the only consolation is the thought that it seems that all parents are and always will be.

Cola cake with caramel popcorn #recipe #gourmetguerilla

Of course, I was a very sweet child myself and never begged so unnervingly - that's obvious. In retrospect, my mom was not very strict about food either, but in two ways she had clear limits: cola (for teeth and caffeine) and popcorn (for teeth and abdominal pain). But I've also learned from my mom that there are exceptions to every rule - and that's why the son and his once-in-a-year-old-mom have the greatest exception today: cola popcorn cake!

Cola cake with caramel popcorn #recipe #gourmetguerilla

Cola cake with caramel popcorn #recipe #gourmetguerilla

You can have a very lively astronaut vampire (ask not) an impressive 5 minutes of revered-happy silence. "Oh my god, Mama," breathes the best son of all. "You have really put Cola in there?"

From us too we can dance a bit out of line as guardians and just say "yes". That's a lot of fun.

Cola cake with caramel popcorn #recipe #gourmet guerrilla

Here comes the recipe for cola cake with caramel popcorn

100g butter with 2 eggs , Mix 80g powdered sugar and the grated peel of 1 organic lemon until foamy. Mix 150 g flour with 40 g cocoa powder (unsweetened) and 1 heaped tsp baking powder and gradually stir into the egg mixture. Add 70g of buttermilk , 80g of cola and 1 pinch of salt to the batter and let it rest briefly.

A small one Grease jumping or tart (20 cm diameter) with a little butter and fill in the dough. Bake in preheated oven at 180 ° C for approx. 30-35 minutes.

Remove the cake from the oven and keep it warm for approx. Sprinkle 6 tablespoons slowly over the whole cake, so that the liquid can draw in.

In a small pot 150 g soft caramel sweets and 2 Give EL Cola . Stir on a low heat until the candies have completely dissolved.

Spread 2/3 of the hot caramel mass on the cake and decorate with plenty of popcorn (unsweetened). Drizzle the remaining caramel over the popcorn. Serve immediately.

Cola cake with caramel popcorn #recipe #gourmetguerilla

Cola cake with caramel popcorn #recipe #gourmetguerilla

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