Stay hungry for something new: Today I only eat blue.

GourmetGuerilla Today I'm just eating blue #leading hungry This is a bit uncomfortable for me, but sometimes you just have to go to the Things are. After all, we are here so to speak, and you will not tell it, right? Because with the topic "Today I only eat blue" I thought first - well ?! - exactly: liquids. And to some particular drinkable liquids before eating.

GourmetGuerilla Today I'm just eating blue #time-hungry-fresh

In an issue of her amusing Column, "The Drinking Woman", which I greatly appreciate, Elisabeth Raether finds a pleasingly striking definition for this type of drink: "To drink and track alcohol on an empty stomach, like the poison Slowly relaxes the nerves - this is called in Mediterranean countries Aperitif. "The whole thing is of course to understand with a wonderfully ironic undertone. But at the same time puts your finger on an interesting point in the German drinking habits: We are surprisingly indifferent to the aperitif. While in southern countries, the mental drink before eating basically develop its appetizing and relaxing effect, we Germans are more reluctant. Too much alcohol is not good - no question. And really shitty, you suddenly develop strange-primitive demands on your food. Nobody can want that either. But every now and then a tiny bit of high-quality alcohol before eating ... To celebrate life, the universe and all the rest? Or something like that. The thought is at least worth considering, is not it?

GourmetGuerilla Today I'm just eating blue #burning hungry

GourmetGuerilla Today I'm just eating blue #burning hungry

It's also worth considering the question - and who would not spontaneously have thought about it before - why the color blue is so uncommon in food. Imagine that we were a candidate in one of these TV quiz broadcasts. We have done so well so far and are just ahead of the 500,000 euro round. And then she comes, the most dreadful of all questions: Name me six blue foods. We have 60 seconds - the clock is ticking. Um, blueberries ... um ... blue grapes. Tick, tick tick. Figs ?! ... Now we suspect that the air is getting thin. How to think feverishly. Trout blue? The moderator's eyebrows shoot up in disapproval. We're sweating ... darn ... Quäääääk. Time is up. Tja.

GourmetGuerilla Today I only eat blue #time hungry

GourmetGuerilla Today I'm just eating blue #time hungry

GourmetGuerilla Today I'm just eating blue #continently hungry

Why did nature bless us so sparingly with blue gifts? It may be because plants and animals have developed their colors mainly earmarked. And blue seems to be a remarkably unattractive color when you want to be eaten, not eaten, mated, defended or disguised. Red, yellow, green and orange - nature has taken an inflationary course here in the edible paint pots.However, one should not completely do without the rare blue specimens. This is because the natural dye anthocyanins responsible for staining (please note this for Günther Jauch!) Is an indication of phytochemicals that are extremely healthy for the human organism. In addition, the blue color should also have appetite suppressing properties - we see blue, we eat less. And if the food itself is not often the great color, we can at least paint the dining room blue and buy blue dishes. Then it is fair to say that today I only eat in and on blue.

In this sense: Cheers and good appetite!

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