Housewares win no miss elections. But the new Bleywaren online shop definitely.

Bleywaren Offlineshop The Internet is ruining commerce, some say. Nonsense - that's called progress, say the others. The fact is that many retailers are still stubbornly alienating the www and prefer to stay in their familiar analogue worlds - despite growing competition from the large online shops. But there are bright spots: an equally beautiful and successful example of the successful step into the digital world is the new online shop of the family business Bleywaren.

Personally, I like that www with its infinite widths very much. Actually, you can even say we are best buddies. I see there fascinating opportunities and great opportunities for information and communication, which will continue to bring us and other companies together and advance. That's why I like to write in him and with him, the web.

But the internet and the increasing digitalization mean much less joyful challenges for the trade. Companies like Amazon use prime strategies to make people in metropolitan areas have just about every product of their choice the next day as a package on the table. Everyone knows that even half-smashed items can be sent back without problems. Something like that is simply beneficial in the mixed calculation of large corporations. Why should one go in the face of huge online shops with a sheer inexhaustible mass of products actually in the increasingly synchronized inner cities with limited supply? Well ...

Many of the traditional retailers are still perplexed or shocked by this development. It is hoped that this "trend" will eventually stop and ignore the problem as much as possible. As often the previously proven - mostly analog - strategies are continued until, in the worst case, simply no more customers come or the rising rent can not be financed with the declining sales. Unfortunately, an entry in the Yellow Pages is no longer enough today to lure even customers from the neighborhood into business. Do not be afraid of the internet and use your extra chance !, you want to call the retailers. Be smart about social media & co, build a small internet presence, rely on your core competencies and your specialization. Show the customers on the www and give them something they can only get from you.

A wonderful example of how retailers can bring their offerings as well as the personality and the specifics of a company unmistakably to the Internet , the household goods business is Bleywaren. The Cloppenburg family business founded in 1826 is run by Thomas Grimme in the 6th generation and only opened its online shop in September.

Bleywaren Thomas Grimme

The concept: High-quality materials, clear minimalist aesthetics and new trends paired with expert pre-selection by household experts. The mission: "We at least sort the cosmos of the seemingly endless selection on the Internet." All products are selected and put together specifically by the specialist staff. But you will not only find the Rolls-Royce under the pans and knives, but also cheap products and classics that simply work well. So, man does not have to spend hours torturing himself with fake reviews and profile-neurotic comments to find out about the quality of a product and make a purchase decision.And that has become really great, Mr. Grimme. Because I want to go on and on and find out if this stream of beautiful products is actually over sometime. In doing so, I hang out with a bottle of vodka that casually frolics next to a decorative hand soap. Right in the neighborhood lives a really delightful whisk - and the wooden board underneath - alas, and those cute animated icons in the navigation ... I'll just stay here for a while.

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