The Yumwe crowdfunding. Or: What it's like to cook with 10 strangers.

"Ha!" The man looks like a mixture of Derrick and Hercule Poirot and creeps around the suspect. I happen to be. "That has nothing to do with small plastic cans, where you go this evening?" - "What kind of small plastic cans?" I want to know innocently. The man confronts me with the full extent of my alleged crime: "I know! You have secretly organized a Tupperparty and when you come home tonight, you bought the Big Clarinet, a dozen Cheese Butters and three collections of sausage and cheese storages. And I'm allowed to buy directly to Sweden tomorrow and a new kitchen cabinet. And drill. "-" Of course not !!! "I am rightfully outraged. "How come you on something?" - "Come on," says the man. "It all sounds very strange." He counts on his fingers: "You're going out tonight." - "Yes." - "You meet 10-15 people you've never seen before." - "Right . "-" In a private apartment. "- Um, yes." - "And then you do something exactly together again?" - "Cooking." The man raises an eyebrow. His hand makes a skeptical gesture. "You have to admit, that sounds kind of weird."

I'm getting a little scared. "That's not strange at all. This is just a cooking evening with people who do not know each other. That is fun. And it's funny. "-" Funny. To cook with strangers and sit at a table? "In the man's face, I read clearly that he would rather undergo a root canal treatment than do such an abstruse.

We are quite different .

"Who else is going on like that?" The man does not give up. "Surely there's only total piss. So nerds who finally want to meet women. Or Uschen, who only laugh shrilly the whole time. You know how that ends, if you have to listen to it all evening .... "The man has fears. Now I'm a bit unsure. What if he is right? Great, now I have jitters.

I did it. And he was not right. I spent a fun and relaxed evening with nice people with mixed professions of all ages - and delicious food. To my left was a brand manager for NIVEA, on the right a social media community manager. Then there was, among other things, a guy who just came from a month-long trip around the world and the nice gentleman in the suit, who has been dealing with factoring for 30 years. The whole thing was organized by Yumwe, a portal for people who want to cook together. But before I explain that for long, just have a look at this little animated film:

By the way, that's Sven Lorenz and Aurel Bantzer. The two have come up with Yumwe and put a beta version for Hamburg and Berlin online a year ago.