Tarte Tatin Surprise to Ottolenghi

On Sunday I did it: I baked a tart. And not just any, but the one from Yotam Ottolenghi with the fantastic name "Tarte Tatin Surprise". I think that's a very appropriate name for my first backproject for months (or years?). When cooking, there are such and such. I'm definitely not one of the folks with a pronounced sweet tooth, I'm more of the hearty faction. Therefore, the Tarte Surprise is the perfect experimental object for my new Rommel and myself for two reasons: 1. It's hearty. 2. If it were to become instant I would be truly surprised.

In fact, the recipe reads harder than it is in execution. The individual steps can be well coordinated and processed one after the other. In addition, no pronounced baking or cooking skills are required. So people, no false respect and get to the tart ...

Here's how it works: