Reduction to the maximum: The Kitchen Kit Malle W. Trousseau.

Can anyone remember these starter sets from the Swedish furniture store that owns it each for table and kitchen gave? For 150, - Mark everything was in it in a box, which was needed so to create their own nutritional existence in the dormitory.

Somehow it was clear that the French in this regard the sometime the Rank would expire. But really. And that's what happened: Isabelle Mathez and Frederic Winkler did not want to release their daughter Dalva completely unprepared for an independent life and have packed her a control chest of a very special kind. In order for Mademoiselle to continue to devote herself to appropriate kitchen practice, the most beautiful and highest-quality products from manufactories have been taken into account, all of which are made of the best materials and whose functionality is unsurpassed. It is not known how Mlle Winkler adopted her parents' ambitious plan. Maybe she did not think it was so cool. Whatever the motivation - their parents later decided that they would like to make this package available to other people. They founded the label Malle W. Trousseau. Therefore, anyone can buy the perfect kitchen equipment for the sumptuous sum of 4,225 euros.

It is undoubtedly decadent - but the fulfillment of all my secret dreams. All the piecemeal cooking lump would have disappeared in one fell swoop, and instead only those functional parts selected by someone else would furnish my kitchen in perfect order. Hach! Reduction to the max, so to speak ... I would float forever in the cook's luck, sliding my fingertips over the wonderful handmade materials and mirroring myself in polished copper. And by no means, after two weeks, would I secretly hoard pink plastic nonsense in some closet. Maybe only after four weeks ...

The 43-piece Malle W. Trousseau consists of three sets that are delivered on a pallet. If you happen to own a loft, it will pack up quite stylish. The three single sets can be purchased separately in case of doubt. But who wants that. If so, then the full drone, please. Merci.

Set CUT made of Stainless Steel Soap, Skimmer, Grinding Stone, Vegetable Peelers (3), Shun Knives (3), Spice Grinder, Carving Fork, Cutting Board, Leather Apron, Corsican Knife, Ladle, Wooden Spatula.

Set COOK with Cast Iron Casserole, Frying Pan, Pallet Knife, Slope Sided Saucepan, Dish Cloths (2), Glass Container, Cast Iron Pan, Trivet, Pot holders (2).

Set CONTAIN contains Oven Dishes (2), Balloon Whisker, Potato Masher, Spaghetti Spoon, Large Dish Towels (2), Stockpot, Pasta Insert, Chicken Cooker, Mixing Bowls (2) 3), Chopping Boards (2), Multi-Purpose Colander.

If someone hesitates for a moment, let him have this little thing in To invest the height of a used small car for the optimal kitchen equipment, that is only very understandable. Purchases for life * sip * of course want to be considered very well.Maybe we can distract us a bit ...

The delightfully designed product catalog by Malle W. Trousseau is definitely worth a click:

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Ordering The set can be bought at the MoMa Store or the Neue Wiener Werkstätten.

Photo credit: All pictures by Malle W. Trousseau.