{Big Love & Wine} Theodora of Gut Oggau

I fell in love. Her name is Theodora and she comes from Burgenland. I really did not see that coming when we met for the first time in widowball. Almost carelessly, I said hello to her before looking at her briefly through the curvature of my glass. Then she touched my lips ... and it happened to me right away. This does not happen often. And the last time is already a bit ago. But now I'm in love.

Theodora, I want you at lunch and in the evening - and most of all in the morning. Yes, I know that's totally unreasonable. But I have the very best intentions and would like to get to know your good looking relatives very soon: Grandma Mechthild and Grandpa Bertholdi, the uncle Emmeran and Timothy and of course your parents Juschuari and Wiltrude. I have a definite feeling that your entire clan could be very nice to me.

Please do not get it wrong now - I have made some inquiries about you and your life:

The small market town of Oggau am Neusiedlersee is a wine-growing village of known high quality and with a tradition dating back to Roman times and the oldest red wine community in Austria

Oggau estate also looks back on a long existence, which is now continued by Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe-Eselböck in a modern sense. Thanks to his many years of experience as a successful winemaker, they have succeeded together in steering the management of the vineyards in a completely new direction. As members of the Demeter Alliance, they know the importance of biodynamic cultivation and implement this philosophy in their winery - consistently and focused on the essentials.

The full power of the vineyards is used and the wines can unfold their effect in the cellar in peace. The result: a large selection of characterful red and white wines, typical of the region and authentic, top quality from biodynamic viticulture. Each of these wines has its very own personality and is closely related to the other wine characters. Thus, the wines become distinctive characters that form a unique wine family as a whole.

The most traditional members and therefore grandparents of the family are the wines Mechthild and Bertholdi - pressed by hand in an old tree press. A series of strong, rich wines form the parent generation: Timotheus, Emmeram, Josephine, Joschuari and Wiltrude. The most youthful wines finally represent the third generation of the family, namely Theodora, Winifred and Atanasius. All in all a very exciting dynasty that always makes getting to know each other better.

Theodora, I want to get to know you even better. When will we meet again?

Main Road 31
A-7063 Oggau
Phone: + 43/(0) 664/2069298
Fax: + 43/(0) 2685/47948